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It is through photography that Dominique feels his greatest ability to craft and express emotion. He is a visual learner, and understands the world best through visual cues and inspection - photography is a natural extension of this mindset.

Dominique is working on some projects to display and hone his skills. He showcases some of his photographs on social media (with links below), but his growing oeuvre is proudly displayed on his photography website, powered by Adobe Portfolio. Click on the bold link below to visit his website and read more about his projects. You can also type ( in your browser to visit this site.

Adobe Portfolio - Dominique Ramirez

Dominique proudly shoots both digitally and on film, using Nikon as his choice of instrument. He is most fascinated with landscape, black-and-white, documentary, and IR photography. As his skill grows so too will the variety of images and the projects, so you can expect to see shifting tides in topics and styles.