Artist Statement


I am a photographer, artist, musician, and scientist. My identities and experiences impact the way I interpret the world, and it shows through my photographs. I began my foray into photography only recently, at the beginning of 2018. I am sad I hadn't started sooner. Photography brings me incredible joy and purpose, while also (unintentionally) making me more active and in touch with our natural world.

My photography projects are the manifestations of my Creative Motives, as outlined below. 

Creative Motive - Landscapes

Under the current political landscape, our environment has been targeted for reduction by those who see our natural treasures as consumable and expendable. These forces are at odds with those who believe that Public Land - which provides protection for wildlife/flora and has roots in Native history - is not consumable and must be protected. Our Public Lands have become a battleground in the larger battle to protect our environment and climate. It is important to remember what is at stake: the damage and loss of our environment and climate is in fact tangible and not abstract. The consequences of damaging our environment are profound, and unfortunately, largely irreversible.

My concern for our environment and climate originated out of my recently found love of outdoorsmanship, which itself was a result of my photography. A majority of my work will be landscape-focused as a way to inspire (hopefully) my audience the same way that Mother Nature has inspired me.

Creative Motive - Black and White

The reason I primarily create black and white photographs is because these images make sense to me. I feel that “normal” color can be distracting - it is too easy to miss the subtleties of a photograph if our minds are preoccupied with color. In many ways, I feel that black and white reveals more in a photograph than color ever could. And black and white allows me a greater latitude in experimentation to play with light and shadows to create interesting and perhaps bizarre things.

It’s also true that my continued work in black and white is a quiet revolt against those who have told me to work more in color, because they think color looks better. I’ll convince them otherwise eventually.

Current Projects

INVERSIONS - This project was born from curiosity and a little bit of boredom. I was familiar with inverting images (used on occasion for my work) and while editing photos one day I asked myself “what would happen if I inverted my photos?”. I was pleasantly surprised to see what the inverted world revealed to me, and I hope you are too.

Colorado Landscapes - Having been born and raised in Colorado, I feel deeply connected to and at home with this state. This project showcases the beauty of Colorado and its landscapes, as seen through its many popular parks and tourist destinations.

Woodland Sketches - Titled after Edward MacDowell’s piano suite of the same name, this project showcases images from less popular or lesser known trails and open spaces in the Western United States. Much like how the piano suite explores different woodland settings, so too I hope to share the diversity in the wildness of Nature. A link to the first movement of the piano suite is provided here.

noir - Named in reference to the classic film genre, shot in black-and-white, this project focuses solely on observing the world in shades of grey.